Google - The devil is in the detail. 3-part strategy

Paul Brittain
October 23, 2017
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SEO has long been considered one of the dark arts of the website industry;  a tool which took an age to master; an expensive service to pay for, and, up until a few years ago this reputation was well founded.  It was hard and it did cost a lot to get the right talent.

….. It was a natural home for geeks like me.

Google Analytics was complicated, in depth, a mass of figures and charts compiled to support whatever perspective the company wish to portray.  There was a sense of achievement if you could plunge into its many depths and come out with something meaningful.

It produced results which created many a furrowed brow as managers sought to understand what was in front of them.  And a strategy based on these results led to mixed results and stressed staff.

Well fast forward to 2017/2018 and, for our team, the weight of producing these onerous analytics has been lifted with fast, interactive, easy to understand visual solutions which lead to more light bulb moments, smiles and happy clients all round.

….. The geek comes out of the shadows, blinking in the sunlight.

Let me take you through our 3 part strategy.

1)  Primary SEO - Google Search Engine Result Pages

Google My Business (GMB) is the view of everything that Google knows about your company.  It acts as a virtual vampire, sucking into its pages every snippet of information found in its database that can best represent your business.

  • Only 6% of companies get their Google presence right and hence, 94% of companies leave this to chance.
  • Have a dire website with minimal content? :- then the Googlebot will probably not consider you a good reputable business.
  • Have nice reviews but fail to answer them? :- it is likely that you will be considered as a company that doesn't care
  • Have poor images poorly spaced in the box that Google shows its customers? :- it is likely that the algorithm will rate them down.

Granularity Moment

Lets not forget Microsoft and the Bing search engine, or Yahoo, and its devoted followers.

Take Away moment

Google My Business is now completely revamped and has its own backend and analytics.  Simple, effective, illuminating.  Now is the time to look at it again.

This is my Primary Analytics of choice and GMB is the first tool I go to.  It gives my client an insight into how his/her presence is doing on the Web.  When I visit a client I end up talking more about marketing than about analysing; more about action than about stalling, more about customers than pedantics.

It is also my first port of call when I want to promote a company's latest offer; their next event; their next greatest news.  A great tool with proven results.

2)  Secondary SEO - Old fashioned analytics

The first part involves a battery of tests including:

  • Mobile Website Speed Test
  • Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Keyword Testing
  • Social media analysis

Good old Google Analytics still has a big part to play.  

Want to know what people were searching for before they reached your Business?  Want to know what device or demographic your viewers use or come from?

With Google Analytics you can:

  • Use Google Search results and Analytics to target your next blog
  • Find out if your viewers are clicking on a particular page that you spent ages compiling
  • Give 50% of your viewers one style or page look and 50% of your viewers another, then compare the two and go for the highest conversion.  

This is my Secondary Analytics of choice.  It takes more time and effort and involves more detailed advising the client, helping them to make informed decisions.

Granularity moment

As we don't put all our eggs in one basket, Yandex is a superb tool with a similar approach.

Take Away moment

For companies looking for a decent turnover to eke out the maximum exposure and take their analytics to the next level get a company who do this day-in, day-out.  Have an overview but don’t spend ages wasting your time learning this yourself.  Life is too short.

3) Tertiary SEO - Artificial Intelligence - our latest tool

Google Assistant is the biggie this 2017 year and moving forward.

More and more phones and devices are being spoken to, whispered to, shouted at.  Your phone has a smart assistant built in; we are buying little speakers for the home into which we shout whatever it is we wish to find out about.  A Christmas list won't exist without a request for one from your other half or family member.  Even your dog wants one so it can bark and get a biscuit.

Our team now analyses how efficient your website and Google presence is in its response to a question being asked.

With Google Assistant you can:

  • Ask Google to drive you there using Google Maps
  • Ask Google to phone your company hands-free
  • Ask Google to read out some reviews about your Company
  • Ask Google about your Company

History lesson alert:

If you think about it - two years ago we were asked not to put keywords into a website - dog, dogs, puppy, puppies, large dog, large dogs etc.  It was seen as spamming and usually didn't explain the website at all.

Instead we were asked to put sentences in plain english that describe the website page up to about 150 characters long.

The reason - because these paragraphs would one day answer the new artificial intelligence engine being developed and better show a good result.

So, fast forward, and we now have ways to talk to your company by talking in a natural way to our devices.  

But THE most exciting part is that we can also add content to your business that really goes into depth about your company.  

This could be a typical transaction about your business.  Imagine someone saying;

Hey Google, I want to go out to dinner tonight, where do you recommend?

Google ".. there are two restaurants within 2 miles of your location which may suit your recent dining requests - Sammy's Bar & Grill and Lorenzo's Grill.  Do you wish to talk to these?

Yes please, put me through to Sammy's Bar & Grill

Google ".. putting you through to Sammy's Bar & Grill

Google ( Sammy's chatbox ) " .. Hi, I am from Sammy's Bar & Grill.  How may I help you tonight.  Do you wish to look at our evening menu or find out about events coming up?

Your evening menu please?

Google ".. Okay, we have 3 Steak dishes offered tonight, 2 fish and 3 vegetarian options. Our Chef special is a 8” rump in a cajun sauce.  Do you wish to book a table now or have me send you our menu to your phone?

Could I book a table for 2 tonight for 7.30pm

Google ( Sammy's Chatbox ) " Accessing table plan now.... Yes I can confirm that there is a table for 2 available for tonight at 7.30pm. Either a table near the log fire or a table near the view.  Do you wish to choose now?

Yes, please, I would like the table near the log fire.

Google ( Sammy's Chatbox ) " Table confirmed.  I shall send details to your phone now.  Additionally the manager has approved a free half bottle of red or white wine to be ready for your arrival.  Thank you for using our service.  Do you wish any other information?

Okay, no thanks, bye.

Google ( Sammy's Chatbox ) " ... I have set a reminder in your calendar, Have a pleasant evening "

How cool is that !!! ... And this is all done using your phone or device, not a keyboard or button press in sight.

With this 3-part Strategy I can approach a company and give them a quality service which gives them tangible results.